Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog Tour: Searching for Disaster by Jennifer Probst

The next highly anticipated novella in the Searching For series, a romantic spin-off of the Marriage to a Billionaire series from New York Times bestselling sensation Jennifer Probst.

When Isabella MacKenzie tries to move on from her disastrous past, Officer William Devine is determined to show her that love is the only way to heal. This sexy enovella, the final installment in Jennifer Probst’s heartwarming Searching For series, follows the high-powered women of the popular matchmaking agency Kinnections, located in the small, picturesque town of Verily, NY.

It is always so sad to say goodbye to a series whenever author release the final book in the series. And Jennifer Probst has release the final book in the Searching series, Searching for Disaster.
Searching for Disaster starts off with Isabella trying to move on in her life since she had experiences something bad in her past. She wants her own time but everything gets crazy and hectic when she meets the sexy police officer, William.
William is sexy police officer that he enjoy his job so much. But he knows something is missing in his life which would be a partner in his life. And he has a perfect one in mind but it is going to take some time to pursue her that they are meant to be.
It will be challenge between them because they are both conflict on what they want. But love is always worth it.
Searching for Disaster is a perfect romance story to finished off the series. Four Stars.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Review: Beautiful by Christina Lauren

Beautiful.jpg (800×1242)
From New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren comes the final installment in the Beautiful Bastard series, BEAUTIFUL (Gallery Books; On-sale: October 4, 2016; Trade Paperback; $16.00). This 10th and final title in the series serves as the perfect send off to the group of friends readers have come to love. 

After walking in on her boyfriend shagging another girl in their place, Pippa Bay Cox ditches London for the States to go on a drunken road trip with Ruby Miller and some of her Beautiful friends. 

Scaling the career ladder is the default way to deal with heartbreak—and to just deal—for Jensen Bergstrom. Absolutely buried by his drive and workload, he rarely takes time for himself. But when his sister Hanna convinces him to join the gang on a two-week wine tour, he has a rare moment of cutting loose. Of course, it’s only once he’s committed that he realizes the strange girl he met briefly on the plane is coming along, too. She might be too much for him . . . or he might realize his life has become too small and needs her to make it bigger, crazier.
With this circle of friends, there’s always something going on: from Chloe and Sara’s unexpected personality swaps to Will’s new domestic side to Bennett’s text message barrage and George’s own happily-ever-after. In short, their adventures in love, friendship, and hilarity are simply Beautiful.  

Guess what? Christina Lauren has delivered the final book in the Beautiful Bastard series. It is so sad to say goodbye to this series that every reader will agree. 
Beautiful is the final book in the series and it does not disappoint at all. It is another fantastic romance story with a twist of sassy yet funny conversations. Pippa is a intelligent women that she works her hardest in her career but she is definitely struggling in her personal love especially finding her former boyfriend cheating on her. She deserves a break in her life that she decides to go for it and join her friends in awesome road trip. She is definitely enjoying her self and also a sexy, Jensen.
Jensen is a sexy man that he has no trouble with the ladies. But he is definitely experiencing heartbreak that he put all of his focus in workload. He is on top of his game in his career but he has isolated his self that he needs to be out in the world again. He finally does when he join his sibling and friends in a road trip but he also gets to meet the beautiful, Pippa.
Their interaction between them may be cute and easy. But it will get more sexy between them. They have intense attraction for each other that you just know it that they are going to be a hot match. But they both have some challenges between them that they will need to face in order to know they work together as a whole.
Beautiful is another wonderful romance that it will have so much heart-warming moments with some sassy comedy. Five Stars!

Release Blitz: Four Letter Word by J.Daniels


Author: J. Daniels
Series: Dirty Deeds, #1
On Sale: October 4, 2016
Publisher: Forever
Trade Paperback: $14.99 USD
eBook: $3.99 USD
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Fate. Hate. Love. Lies. Which four letter word will change their lives forever?

Sydney Paige was never so mortified to hear the words "wrong number" in her life. She meant to tell off the guy who broke her best friend's heart, but unleashed her anger on a perfect stranger instead. And now her world is turned upside down by the captivating man who wants to keep her on the line.

Brian Savage is living a life he's quickly come to hate—until Sydney's wild rant has him hooked and hungry for more. Soon the sexy woman on the phone becomes the lover in his bed. But Brian has secrets, and the closer he lets Syd get, the harder it is to shield her from the devastating mistakes of his past . . .

Guess who release a brand new series? J.Daniels did. And it is totally hot romance read. The first one in the brand new series is Four Letter Word.
Four Letter Word is Sydney and Brain story that it is going to bring a crazy romance read with some hilarious scenes. Sydney is crazy yet funny beautiful women that every reader will want her as their best friend. I just love her personality so much because she made me laugh so much throughout the book because she will say what she wants to say no matter. Just like she was going off to the guy who broken her best friend heart but it was a stranger instead hearing her sassy side.
That stranger, Brian, was definitely surprise and intrigued from this sassy woman on the phone. Brian has been going through a tough time that the sassy woman, Sydney, made the perfect timing in making contract with him. I definitely love Brain very much in the book because he has dirty mouth whenever he talks to Sydney that it will make you blush and hot but he also have some heart-warming moments that makes you swoon for him.
Sydney and Brian keeps communicating with each other that they get to know more and more about without meeting so soon. But when they do meet, they definitely have hot chemistry between them that they are a perfect.
Four Letter Word is a wonderful romance read that you will enjoy some hot steamy romance with some twist comedy in the mix. Four Stars!


Listen to two clips from the audiobook from FOUR LETTER WORD, narrated by Sebastian York and Kate Russell

Syd’s Phone Call
Brian’s Reaction


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J. Daniels is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Sweet Addiction series and the Alabama Summer series. She loves curling up with a good book, drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee, and writing stories her children will never read. Daniels grew up in Baltimore and resides in Maryland with her family.



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