Mikalo's Flame (The Mikalo Chronicles #2) by Syndra K. Shaw

Mikalo's Flame (The Mikalo Chronicles, #2)
Mikalo's Flame (The Mikalo Chronicles #2) by Syndra K. Shaw

Ronan Grace and her Greek god in grey wool Mikalo Delis. Still happy, still in love, and now living together in New York.

Despite it all.

Despite the lingering secrets of Mikalo's past and his complicated life. Despite Ronan's own doubts and worries, the strength of her love for him both shocking and frightening. Despite the jealousy and spite threatening her once successful career. And despite the unexpected emergence of a drunk, drug-addled viciously vindictive blast from Mikalo's past.

Will Ronan and Mikalo stumble under the weight of all these challenges and doubts and confusion as they move toward creating a life together? Or will they fight, giving their love what it needs to survive.

Despite it all.

I love love Mikalo so much. He is my book boyfriend! He is really a great man for Ronan because Ronan struggles with her insecurities but Mikalo makes her overcome it with his love for her. They are such a wonderful couple. They truly love each other so much that their love making scene are so hot ans steamy. I cannot wait for the next book coming up because Ronan accepts Mikalo engagement to marry. I cannot wait.


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