Not Until You Part 3 by Roni Loren

Not Until You Part III: Not Until You Crave  (Loving On The Edge, #3.53)
In the scintillating continuation of Roni Loren’s Not Until You, Cela is unsure if she can go back to her bland way of living, not after the door to passion has been opened. But she doesn’t realize she’s barely even caught a glimpse of what Foster is capable of…

As the threesome returns home from their wild night, Foster is still reeling from the truth about Cela and angry at himself for feeling more than he should for a one night stand. So when he’s confronted by Cela’s angry and protective older brother, he agrees to stay away from his alluring neighbor. He knows he’s got no business messing with a vanilla girl—especially one who tests his self-control at every turn.

Cela’s still not ready to give up on Foster or the intense connection they shared. So when a harmless midnight texting session turns into an irresistible invitation, she can’t say no. But later when she runs into Foster dressed in leather pants and heading out for a late night at The Ranch, she begins to grasp that there’s a whole other side to him she never imagined—a darkness that both intrigues and terrifies her...

*This is part 3 of an 8-part serial

Oh, I just love Ian more and more. In these chapters, we get to see how conflicted Ian is when he discovered that Cela was a virgin. Ian does not know what to do at all since he has feeling for her, but she is a vanilla. He wants a relationship with a women who is in the lifestyle of BDSM. Cela is so confuse because she starting to have feeling for him but he does not want to go into since he is looking for long term, not short term. Also, we get to see Andre in these chapters. Andre gets very angry at Ian because his sister is a vanilla, not a sub. At the end, we get to see the painful conversations between Ian and Cela that it breaks my heart on how painful it is how they are feeling. I cannot wait for the next part in order to get to see what happen next!


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