My Wicked Trainers by Ann Mayburn

My Wicked Trainers (Club Wicked, #3.5)
Rory and Liam are two students at the University of Leicester in England, best mates, star players on the rugby team, and dream of one day starting an oil and gas company together. A drunken sexual encounter between the men threatens to tear their friendship and their future apart. But when Rory brings home his submissive, Susie, the men just may have found a way to repair the rift, but only if Liam can overcome his ultra conservative upbringing and trust his natural instinct to Dominate.

This a quick, fun read novella. Plus, it is very hot hot hot! We get to see the Wicked trainers as they first started in BDSM. They were very new and curious of BDSM. Rory introduced Liam into this lifestyle in order to be closer to Liam. We get understand how close their relationship is, but Liam does not have a clue that Rory has more feelings.Overall, this novella was a great read since the scenes are soooo hottt!  


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