Their Virgin Hostage (#5) by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Their Virgin Hostage (Masters of Ménage, #5)
One Hostage Bride

Kinley Kohl agrees to marry wealthy Greg Jansen to save her family. Her wedding day should be the happiest of her life…except that she doesn’t love him. And she can’t help but wonder if she’s making a mistake. Even so, she refuses to let her loved ones down. Then moments before her nuptials, she’s kidnapped—and her whole life changes.

Three Determined Mercenaries

Dominic Anthony has waited years to avenge his sister’s murder. He knows Greg Jansen is dirty, but he needs a witness to help prove his case. Jansen’s new bride is the perfect hostage. Kinley Kohl will tell him everything…or else. But his two business partners aren’t so sure. Law and Riley Anders worry that Kinley isn’t as guilty as she seems. And Law suspects she might be the one woman who can handle them all.

From Target to Treasure

In the wilds of Alaska, the three men try to pry Kinley open, only to discover she’s both stronger and more innocent than they imagined. Her sweet beauty melts their suspicion and steals their hearts. Together, they awaken her passion and brand her as their own. When danger strikes, the men realize they must save Kinley or lose the love of their lives forever.

Once again, Shayla Black and Lexi Blake has written erotic masterpiece of the series. When these two authors get together and put pen to paper, let me tell you, magic happens. They definitely know how to bring the readers to enjoy the emotional ride of Their Virgin Hostage. These gorgeous possessive Doms and a hilarious adorable submissive makes the novel so much greater while we laugh and cry as we read their story. 

Kinley Kohl always wanted to please everyone around her that she dd not notice many people took advantage of it. She though it she was doing the right thing by marrying a wealthy man in order to save her father illness. She was not attracted and love him at all, but she will sacrifice everything in order to save his family. However, everything comes to fold when she gets kidnapper by three gorgeous men. She finally discover the blunt truth that makes her question everything in her life. These three gorgeous Dom would definitely help her to the right path.

Riley Anders was a computer geek with a heartache against women in general. He was burned badly in his past by a total bitch of a woman that betrayal him in the worst possible way with wanting more money over love. This women totally broke him that it made it impossible for him to trust any women at all. After feeling so rejected, it had become extremely hard for him to imagine a woman out there he could trust to handle all three of them. 

Law Anders was more than the muscle of the group because he desperately love Kinley Kohl from the first time he seen her. He wants all of his brother to realize that she is the one for them. She is different from the love she gives to them. Kinley Kohl was the missing piece to their kinky puzzle. 

Dominic Anthony was a man that dominated an entire room. He is the one to go after the guy who is responsible for his sister death. It was what motivated him. His goal was not to fall in love with his hostage, it was to avenge Carrie's death. He couldn't afford to screw this up, but he knew Kinley was different since she was the perfect sub for him.

I fell in love these characters so much since they provide a huge roller coastal from anger to betrayal to hurt to annoy to passion to love. Even though Riley, Law, and Dominic drove me crazy sometimes since they were fool in the beginning and stubborn of falling in love withe Kinley. But they knew in their heart that they truly love Kinley since she is the key to their heart. Their passion, their intensity, and their love they had for Kinley was amazing. At first you felt her insecurities and it broke your heart, but she knew that she love them so much that she is willing to take a risk for love. Their kinky sex is sooo hot that it makes anyone blush and hot while reading. Plus, these characters are so funny that I kept laughing while reading.

Funny Quotes:
“Don’t talk bad about your dog’s baby mama. Oh, look she’s got her bow back on straight.” Law didn’t seem upset that their prisoner was attempting escape. 
The minute the dog hit the ground, Butch came into view as though he’d been sitting just outside the camera’s edge, waiting for his true love. 
As Butch rather clumsily attempted to mount Gigi, Dominic cursed. “Goddamn it. I’m going to get his ass fixed.”
 “I don’t think his ass needs fixing. His dick on the other hand seems really interested in Gigi. Aw, look. He’s frustrated. He can’t get it in there with that sheet wrapped around her.” 
“Well, aren’t you a fucking comedian?” Dominic groused.

“You’re Dom Dom.” The smile zipped across her face. “I get to call you Dom Dom.” 
Kinley burst out laughing. Law and Riley joined in.


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