I Breathe You by Lori L. Clark


When a tragic accident leaves Rhane Evans -- lead vocalist for the rock band Fate's Crazy -- permanently unable to speak above a whisper and kills the love of her life, she moves across the state to pick up the pieces. Shattered, Rhane struggles to understand what happened the night of the accident, an accident everyone blames her for, even though she wasn't driving the car.

Enter Ian Callahan. He's the one person who may have a more tumultuous past than Rhane. Though they try hard to deny the sizzling attraction between them, it proves nearly impossible. When Ian's troubled past threatens to tear them apart, they begin to believe happiness isn't in their cards.
The life of Rhane Evans is changed forever when a tragic accident not only takes the love of her life but also her voice. Rhane is the lead singer of the band Fate's Crazy and this accident leaves her vocal chords so damaged she is left being able to only speak in a whisper. With her voice gone she feels that her whole identity is taken away from her. She is left so broken and sad but also so angry that she barley knows how to function anymore. She also feels major guilt because she survived and her boyfriend Dalton did not, so she is left feeling somewhat responsible. The other band members want nothing to do with her because they blame her for the accident, so she feels lost and alone. We are introduced to her Uncle T who is really the only family that is consistantly there for her. She moves into an old run down house left to her by her grandmother. It is then that we meet Gwen who starts off as a cook and someone to be there to help Rhane get to doctor's appointments or run errands, but quickly turns into a friend. Because the house is in such need of repair we meet Ian Callahan.  The attraction between these two characters is immediate but Rhane is determined to fight it every step of the way. She feels major guilt at the thought of being attracted to someone else and that scares her. She feels that she is betraying the memory of Dalton who up until now has been the only love of her life. As their relationship develops it is sometimes hard because of the issues that Rhane has, and Ian brings his own family issues, and it leaves you wondering will these two ever work it out and be happy? But they have such sweet tender moments that will have you rooting for this couple to make it
Author Bio:

Ten things about me: 
1. I'm an only child. 
2. I love dogs! 
3. I was born in Iowa City, Iowa and lived in Iowa until January 2007. 
4. I worked as a professional psychic reader for 2 years. 
5. I'm a Pisces Sun, Leo Moon with Aquarius rising. 
6. I've written 6 books and am in the process of brainstorming a 7th. 
7. I don't look or act my age! 
8. I ran my first 1/2 marathon at age 50. 
9. I love 80's hair band music. 
10. I'm a claims payment analyst for one of Fortune 500 Magazine's "Top 100 places in America to work.
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The front door bangs open and I rise up just enough so that I'm able to catch a glimpse of Ian through the porch railings. His boots clomp noisily across the porch floor and I silently will him to just climb in his truck to be on his merry way. I'm confident that Gwen was able to point out all of the things that need his attention around here so he shouldn't need to speak with me before he leaves.
Midway to the steps, he stops abruptly and turns in my direction. I figure he's about to call me out for blatantly ogling him, but if he sees me, he doesn't let on. He peers up to where the chain for the porch swing has pulled free from the ceiling. I suck in a startled breath, watching as the tight, white t-shirt he's wearing pulls strategically against his rock-hard chest as he reaches to press on the rotted boards where the hook had been fastened.
Holy hell. His shirt pulls free from the waistband of his pants and I'm left with an eyeful of the copper-colored happy trail disappearing down the front of his jeans. "Do you want me to fix this while I'm here?" he asks, peering at me between his arms and I'm suddenly aware that my mouth is gaping in awe of his... his height.  He drops his arms to his sides and flashes me a crooked grin. "It'll only take about five minutes."
Before I'm able to regain my composure enough to respond, he jogs down the steps and crosses the lawn to his pickup. I watch him drop the tailgate and hop gracefully into the bed of the truck. He pops open the toolbox and rummages around inside. Why am I staring at him? He's not even that hot. Okay, maybe he is a little.
I walk up the steps and notice half a dozen or so hanging planters full of dirt and debris surrounding the perimeter of the porch. I decide now would be a great time to take all of them down and clean them out. Not because I want to stare at Ian or anything. I pretend not to notice how he's a little bit bowlegged and wonder if he rode a lot of horses -- or other things -- when he was younger. Heat flares up from inside my shirt and my cheeks instantly color.


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