Tear You Apart by Megan Hart

I'm on a train. 

I don't know which stop I got on at; I only know the train is going fast and the world outside becomes a blur. I should get off, but I don't. The universe is playing a cosmic joke on me. Here I had my life—a good life with everything a woman could want—and suddenly, there is something more I didn't know I could have. A chance for me to be satisfied and content and maybe even on occasion deliriously, amazingly, exuberantly happy.  

So this is where I am, on a train that's out of control, and I am not just a passenger. I'm the one shoveling the furnace full of coal to keep it going fast and faster. 

If I could make myself believe it all happened by chance and I couldn't help it, that I've been swept away, that it's not my fault, that it's fate…would that be easier? The truth is, I didn't know I was looking for this until I found Will, but I must've been, all this time. And now it is not random, it is not fate, it is not being swept away.  

This is my choice. And I don't know how to stop. 

Or even if I want to.

If you are looking for those happily ever after books, then you got the wrong one. Megan Hart will always write about the most uncomfortable thing throughout her novels. This book was totally different from her previously book. It starts off long in order to explain about the characters and their life. It explains how marriage for so many years can fall apart by feeling lonely or ignored by his or her partner. Most reader will not relate to the main character or will relate to the main character by knowing how lonely you are from your partner since they do not pay attention anymore. It also explain how most wives cheat on their husband because their husband does not pay them attention or belittle them. I could not stop reading this book because I was so interested what the main character was going to do. I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for a different kind of romance book. 


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