Fearless by Tawny Weber

From USA Today bestselling author Tawny Weber comes the latest release from Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin.

Promising career: check

Amazing apartment: check

The best of friends: check

Sex life: MIA

There’s just one thing missing from Gia Renyard’s life: sexual adventure. And the one man she’d like to have it with is her hot co-worker, Luke Monroe. If only company rules didn’t prohibit her from asking him out. So Gia comes up with a plan: make herself over into a fantasy seductress, follow Luke to a convention in Sin City, and have her way with him for one erotic weekend. The man will never even know who did him.

Everything is going according to plan—until Gia discovers that Luke is perfect for her outside the bedroom too. And suddenly she’s no longer content to let what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...

This was a hot and steamy read. You will not stop reading this book from the start. Its so sexy that every page has so much. I loved the interaction and camaraderie between Gia, Sara, Caryn and Jessa, the four women who created the Girlz Guide to a Rockin' Life and friends since their college days. They encourage and support Gia’s decision to seduce her fantasy man, Luke Monroe, and help her to create her alter ego.  She comes to find that this beautiful man, who has women at his beck and call, is so much more than a pretty face and a hot body. He's also very charming and sweet. Gia lures him in as Vanna, but Luke sees past her sexy fabricated exterior and finds that he likes the woman beneath all the glitz and glamour. There was depth to the main characters and the story progressed quite nicely, with more than one element playing into the plot. As I said, this was as much about self-discovery as it was about sexual fantasies. 


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