Saving Amy by Nicola Haken


Eighteen year old Amy’s surname may be Hope, but her life contains anything but. She drinks, she sleeps around, she cuts… anything to help her escape the agonising existence growing up between her mother’s drunken wails and her father’s fists. But nothing works. There is no escape. And Amy wants out…

Enter Richard Lewis – the doctor responsible for saving Amy’s life after her drink and drug-fuelled suicide attempt. Thanks to his own hidden demons, Richard is drawn to Amy and her situation, and despite the incessant warnings from both his own mind and his jealous ex-lover Joanna, he feels compelled to help her.

But how will Amy feel when she discovers Richard’s attachment to her is born out of his own guilt? He was her last resort – her last chance at being saved. Can anybody save Amy, or has she finally reached the end of a very long, torturous road?

(Not recommended for younger readers due to language, scenes of self-harm and sexual content)

This book is definitely OMG! It has it all with the real, raw, and gritty emotions. It is not a light read at all since it deals with actions that are very deep and hard. Its takes a while to cope with it. I can't even begin to describe the emotions associated with this book, I never would have thought that a book about abuse, drugs, and self harm would keep me interested of reading this book. Mrs. Haken took me through  a spiral world life of a beautiful yet shattered girl that everyone will feel like they were right there with her.  She has lived her whole life alone in a home with an alcoholic mother and a powerfully influential and extremely abusive father. Amy escape her life by cutting herself in order to feel free and peace. It definitely captures Amy's life in those weeks and months of abuse that the addiction becomes out of control. Richard Lewis is a 28 year old doctor and has worked hard to get to where he is at such a young age. He first meets Amy when he finds her passed out in front of his apartment building. Their first interaction is fairly brief and Amy bails the next morning, but they definitely do meet again during hospital. Richard sees something in Amy and becomes determined to help her, to help her escape the brutality in her home and to help her realize that there are other coping mechanisms other than drugs and harming herself. 
Author Bio:

Nicola lives in Rochdale, England with her husband and four children (and dog!). She is the author of two stand alone novels, Inevitable and Saving Amy, and is currently having fun working on her first series with book one, Take My Hand, to be released in October. When not reading or writing Nicola can usually be found carrying out her daily slave duties – cleaning, feeding the mob, cleaning a bit more etc… or watching The Twilight Saga for the fifty-billionth time :-)

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20 Fun, possibly weird, definitely useless, facts about me!

1. I don’t like even numbers – Not good when eating biscuits; one isn’t enough, two is even so I couldn’t possibly stop there… so three it is. Unless I’m being a badass, then it has to be five!
2. I still eat like a child. Orange juice, chicken nuggets and fries for me any day over steak and wine. I won’t eat yogurt with ‘bits’ in and the only sauce I’ll entertain is ketchup. And tea and coffee? Blurgh…
3. I could easily recite the entire script from every Twilight movie.
4. Edward Cullen was my first book boyfriend… The first of many I might add ;-)
5. I’m a total Gleek and proud!
6. I have quite a vast collection of tattoos and hope to be almost covered by the time I’m a wrinkly old lady.
7. I couldn’t possibly get through a day without a bottle of Pepsi Max.
8. I married my high school sweetheart when I was 17 – No I wasn’t pregnant, and yes we’re still together!
9. My favourite food is mashed potato.
10. My favourite colour is purple.
11. I HATED school – like seriously detested the place. There is no way I’ll ever agree when people say they’re the best years of your life.
12. I collect Barbie dolls.
13. My favourite band in the world is The Script.
14. The thought of a world without Netflix makes me sad.
15. My favourite TV show is The Vampire Diaries (Team Damon all the way baby!)
16. If my kids ever ask – I’m secretly the pink Power Ranger ;-)
17. I was born on New Years Eve, which means the whole world celebrates my birthday with me!
18. My comfiest item of clothing is my leopard print pyjama pants (I wear them so often my husband keeps threatening to throw them out!)
19. When I was ten years old I decided I wanted to be American and vowed to only ever speak in an American accent from that day on. I’m not sure how long that lasted, but you can rest assured I’m not still pretending now ;-)
20. If you’ve made it to number 20 then I think you’re awesome!


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