The Way Home by Cindy Gerard

Killed in Action – the most dreaded words imaginable for a soldier’s wife. Jess Albert has been living with them for four years, since the death of her husband in Afghanistan. Finding blessed numbness in routine, she doesn’t dare to look ahead, any more than she can bear to look back. Then Tyler Brown, a former special-ops warrior, shows up at her small general store in Minnesota North Woods, jarring her back to life. Jess knows better than to fall in love with another man who places duty to his country before love of his wife- but there’s no denying the longing and the hope for a future that Ty makes her feel.

A world away, a man ravaged by years of captivity and torture, a man with no memories, finally escapes- clinging to life and sanity in a hostile land. In his darkest hour, he awakes in a lantern-lit cave to find a woman at his side. Dark-haired and dark-eyes, her touch is caring, despite the resentment he hears in her voice and sees on her face. Rabia is bound by honor to save the lost American soldier in her keeping, this broken warrior from a war that has brought so much devastation to her land. But is it honor igniting her compassion for her enemy, or is it something more?

While a Black Ops team plans a daring rescue mission to bring the solider home, two women on opposite sides of the world walk a dangerous path between betrayal and honor, and must find for themselves where to draw the lines between duty and love.

Cindy Gerard always know how to write emotional Black Ops fiction stories. We get to read about Tyler and Jess in The Way Home. Jess has been a widow for some years that her attraction between former Black Ops, Tyler. Tyler has always had feeling for Jess but he never act on it. However, they both have steamy attraction between them that they cannot stop their feeling for each other. But things change when Jess former husband has recovered. Tyler is willing to let go of Jess since her former husband is back. Jess and her former husband does not have the spark in the relationship anymore that they both know they are not meant for each other. Jess is willing to go back to Tyler if he takes her back. Good read that it will keep your toe up. 


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