White Christmas by Diana Palmer

Woman Hater-Everyone in Nicole White's office described their boss's mysterious older brother as a real woman hater. So when Nicki had to tag along with her ailing employer to his brother's Montana home, she was prepared for the worst. 

To her surprise, what she found was a man more roughly masculine than any she'd ever met. But Winthrop Christopher's distrust of women ran straight to the bone. Nicki knew she should steer clear of him, but she couldn't hide the feelings he stirred in her. Could she ever teach him to love again? 

The Humbug Man-Montana rancher Tate Hollister was the grouchiest widower Maggie Jeffries had ever met. But, as the holiday season progressed, Maggie discovered that Tate wasn't completely immune to the Christmas spirit. In fact, his loving embrace might just be the gift of a lifetime....

These two novella are a page turner that everyone will be happy when they finish this book. In the first novella, we get to see a women hater turn into a softy. Winthrop is a definitely a women hater because his past definitely mess him up. You will definitely get frustrated with him because he will drive you crazy. But overall he and Nicole are perfect for each other. In the other novella, we get to read about two widower who dislike each other but end up loving each other. They definitely have hot attraction for each other that its so hot to read. This book is a great read for a warm cozy weekend. 


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