Christmas At Cardwell Ranch by B.J. Daniels


It had been years since Tanner "Tag" Cardwell's boots touched Montana soil. This Christmas he was determined to change that. Until a run-in with local Lily McCabe revealed dark secrets from his past and deep trouble for his future. 

Cowboys came and went in these parts. But Tag Cardwell caught Lily off guard in more ways than one when the two became entwined in a murder mystery. What was it about Tag? The dreamy eyes… The rugged physique… The protection she felt in his wrong arms… 

But before they could lose themselves in each other they had to trace a killer. Or risk finding a crime scene under the Christmas tree.

This book is definitely interesting since we finally get to see Tag story. The story was very quick with a few twist and the turn that it made the read very quick. Tag surprise his father for Christmas since he never visit his hometown for several years. Tag definitely attracted to Lily that he makes his way to her. However, Lily goes between two men that she is hesitated to give her heart to. This author was able to present to its reader a story of intrigue, mystery, suspense and some even some romance. The excitement never ended and there was always someone after somebody else. The reader will be quickly pulled into the lives and stories of these families. 


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