Fallen Crest Public by Tijan Blog Tour (Mason and Sam Q&A)

Sam's first day at Fallen Crest Public doesn't go well. Some girls want to be her. Some girls want to destroy her. And some just don't like her. All in all, despite being protected by Mason and Logan, it's still only the strong survive. Sam will not only have to survive, she needs to learn how to conquer too, but there's another battle growing. Things are about to come to a disastrous end between the towns, Roussou and Fallen Crest. Sam's other main dilemma? Keeping Mason and Logan from getting arrested or hospitalized.
This is the third book in the Fallen Crest Series. 

Fallen Crest High 
Fallen Crest Family 
Fallen Crest Public
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I was waiting forever to read this book. Its so addicted that I could not stop reading it from the first page. I love how Tijan can write this series so addicted that everyone should be reading this book! It had a easy writing flow that its a very quick read.
I love Sam, Mason and Logan so much. They make the book as a whole. If any of them are missing, then this book will not be complete. I love it how mature these characters got as they grow older. But don't be mistake, they are still evil together. Sam has a lot going for her in this novel that I definitely get to feel for her. But she is not alone at all. Mason and Logan will always be there for her. Sam wants to establish her self in order to know that she can put someone in their place if needed. I love how territory Mason is over Sam. They are the perfect couple. However, there are a lot of people that want to mess up their relationship.
Everyone will be very excited to read Mason point of view because it is so interesting!! We get to see how passionate Mason is for Sam and how protective he is over his family. I just love reading his section to much since we get to know what he is thinking and feeling!
There are so major shocking twist at the end that it will keep our toe as we wait for the next book. I love reading this book so much!! Everyone should read it!!
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Mason and Sam
Do you guys have any common hobbies?
Sam’s eyes widen a fraction, then she looks away. Mason grins at her. He knows what she’s thinking, but he answers, “We knit together.”
Sam snorts, but bites down on her lip to keep from further laughter.
What your favorite movie as a couple?
Mason shrugs. “We’re not movie people.”
Sam answers, “It’s usually whatever Logan or Nate pick out.”
Mason nods. “And that’s usually just a game, football or basketball.”
What animal would you describe for one another?
Mason frowns. Sam answers as she’s grinning at him, “He’s a panther.”
Have you ever seen each other before the gas station?
Sam rolls her eyes. “If you live in Fallen Crest, you’ve seen the Kade brothers. Everybody knows who they are.”
Mason shakes his head. “I don’t think so, but I might’ve. We looked her up when dad told us about Analise and her moving in.”
What was your first thought of each other?
Sam answers, “Fucker.”
Mason laughs and reaches for her hand. “I recognized her and wondered if she was the same bitch like her mother.”
“You did?”
He nods. “Yeah, but then you didn’t come over and kiss my ass. I thought you would’ve.”
Sam looks pleased.
Do you ever like each other friend? And if so, explain or if not, explain.
“Sam’s friends are shit.”
“Except Heather.”
Mason frowns. “Except Heather. So far.”
“Except Heather.”
When did you realize that you love each other?
Mason says, “We’re not answering that question.”
Do you have plan for the future for each other?
Do you hide your secrets from each other?
Mason frowns. “What kind of interview is this?”
Do you want to get marry in the future?
Sam grins, but Mason shoots back, “Are you married? Do you want to get married? Do you keep secrets from your significant other?”
Sam pats his hand. “Yes, I would like to get married someday…to someone.”
What is your career? And why.
Mason leans back in his chair. His shoulders drop as he relaxes. “Football.”
Sam grins. “He likes to kill the competition.”

Mason smiles at her. 
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Tijan started writing later in life, after she had already graduated college with a different direction in mind and a different degree under her belt. Hitting the brakes on that path, she taught herself how to write a good book and began posting at sites such as Fictionpress, along with Wattpad. After receiving such encouraging messages from readers, she self-published Fallen Crest High and has continued throughout the year. She continues to keep writing NA books!



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