Weston by Debra Kayn

If you loved Debra Kayn's Bad Boy Biker Series, then you're sure to love A Hard Body Series as well! Don't miss the second installment, WESTON.

She's on thin ice . . . 

Detective Rocki Bangli has spent the past four months undercover, trying to get the goods on drug lord Darrell Archer. Now that she's gained Darrell's trust, he's given her a job: keep an eye on the Beaumont Body Shop, a car detailer and private investigation agency. There's only one problem-her target is the hot and very sexy Tony Weston, whose eyes tell her he's on to her game . . . 

He's her only hope

Tony spotted the gorgeous detective a year ago at the police academy and never forgot her. A thousand fantasies later, he finds Rocki working for the most dangerous man in town. Now, Tony's determined to find out what's going on . . . after he brings her home with him. But when her position is compromised, suddenly Rocki and everyone she loves might be in danger. Now Rocki must trust Tony with her secrets, her mission, and her life-or it could be the end for both of them.

I was so excite to read this book so much. It is the second book to the series. We get to read about Tony and Rocki story. I love Tony so much since he is so protective and possessive with Rocki. I would not mind having Tony in my life at all. It so cute how jealous he gets especially when Rocki pay attention to the dog more. I definitely want a dog like this one in the book. Tony love to get attention from Rocki because he truly enjoy Rocki so much. You know that these two definitely belong together no matter what. Also, we get to read some suspense plot when Rocki undercover job. You will love to read this series so much. 


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