No River Too Wide by Emilie Richards

Some betrayals are like rivers, so deep, so wide, they can't be crossed. But—for those with enough courage—forgiveness, redemption and love may be found on the other side. 

On the night her home is consumed by fire, Janine Stoddard finally resolves to leave her abusive husband. While she is reluctant to involve her estranged daughter, she can't resist a chance to see Harmony and baby Lottie in Asheville, North Carolina, before she disappears forever. 

Harmony's friend Taylor Martin realizes how much the reunited mother and daughter yearn to stay together, and she sees in Jan a chance to continue her own mother's legacy of helping women in need of a fresh start. She opens her home, even as she's opening her heart to another newcomer, Adam Pryor. But enigmatic Adam has a secret that could destroy Taylor's trust…and cost Jan her hard-won freedom.


Emilie Richards has outdone herself yet again. She done another remarkable novel in the Goddress. We get to see past characters throughout the novel that the reader will enjoy. Its a great read for both ages for teenager and women. Janine definitely has a bad past with her abusive husband that she sun away from him. She continue to watch her back since she fear for her life and children lives. She gets into contract with good people that  she will finally get her freedom. There is a lot of great characters throughout the novel that it makes the read much quicker. 


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