Talking After Midnight by Dakota Cassidy

Shields up, sugar—things in Plum Orchard are about to get real. 

Marybell Lyman is notorious for two things: 

Her look. The wicked hairstyle, multiple piercings and practiced sneer that say: "Stay back—I bite." 

Her voice. The syrupy lilt that's her bread and butter at Call Girls, the prim little town's flourishing phone-sex company. 

Hunky handyman Taggart Hawthorn is mesmerized by the contradiction: such sweet tones inside such a spiky shell! He wants to know more about mysterious Marybell, to hear more of her sexy talk—all for himself. 

But Tag's attentions, delicious as they are, have Marybell panicked. She's been hiding a long time. She's finally got a home, a job and friends she adores. She won't have it all snatched away by another stupid mistake—like falling in love. So when Marybell's past comes calling, she and the Call Girls will prove no one handles scandals like a Southern girl!

I am definitely familiar with Dakota Cassidy novels that it is like going home while I read her books. Everyone has a mystery especially Marybell. Marybell is known as the wild, goth women but she is definitely hiding a big secret. Marybell fought for her life that she takes nothing for granted. She is grateful that she has wonderful friends and safe secure home. However, things can complicate when the nosy Louella Parsons gets into her life that she may leave or fight back. Taggart Hawthorn has been the A man with sucessful company and hot wife until he lost everything. He turned to the bottle of alcohol but he snapped out it and helped himself. He is doing better in the town that he become attract to contradiction Marybell. There are two broke people that definitely can have future for each other if they fight for it. Great read!


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