Her Special Forces by Sophia Rosyln

Retired Marine Viper helo pilot and ground cover expert, Kacey O’Donnell is called out of 

retirement for a special assignment: to assist in extracting the kidnapped daughter of a U.S. 
Senator, after an FBI team is betrayed and taken out. 

Former SEAL hero Nathan Weatherly looks forward to his new job as Deputy Sheriff in the 
small, quiet Normal Rockwell town where Kacey grew up. The former lovers have a history she 
has no desire to revisit, and a dark secret she refuses to share. 

With a young girl’s life at stake, Kacey helps pull Nathan’s team together for one last 
assignment. But, she finds it next to impossible to work with Nathan again—especially when she 
know he wants so much more, and she has so much to hide. 

I always enjoy reading about SEAL romance novels so much. Seal are the ultimately Alpha men. They are so strong, controlling, hot, and overprotective. Sophia Roslyn definitely pull it off by providing a strong heroine. Nathan and Kacey were madly in love with each other, however, things changes throughout the years. Kacey is a strong woman that she is struggling with her PTSD that she cut her relationship with Nathan. But Nathan refuse to believe it is over. I definitely love how passionate and strong head Nathan was because everyone need someone to count on. They both on go a rescue mission that they may reconcile. However, their relationship will be a bumpy road since Kacey is struggling with her PTSD. Great book to read. It will be a quick read since you will refuse to put it down when you start reading it from the beginning. 


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