Once Upon A Dream by Kate Perry

Once Upon a Dream (Summerhill, #5)
Summer Welles wants the fairy tale.

The illegitimate daughter of Reginald Summerhill, the Earl of Amberlin, she listened to her mother's stories about the Summerhill girls all her life. In her mind, Summer was part of the stories too—living in the castle, wearing fancy dresses, and falling in love with Prince Charming.

Her wish came true. Mostly. She lives in the Summerhill mansion. She has stepsisters—nice ones who don't make her clean the chimney. She even has a magical wedding dress waiting for her special day. The only thing missing is the perfect man.

She knows exactly who he is, and she's going to confront him at the annual Midnight Masquerade Ball. What Summer didn't count on was mistaking a masked frog for her prince.

Once she kisses the mysterious man, he won't go away. And he's not sweet or charming or princely. He seems more interested in ravishing her rather than riding off into the sunset with her, and—worse—she's tempted to let him.
Her fairy tale at stake, Summer's faced with her own quest that neither frog nor prince can rescue her from: sacrifice her Happily Ever After, or turn her back on the one man who makes her feel alive?

I just absolutely love reading Kate Perry stories. Her stories always have so much romance and comedy that it makes the read so much more compelling. We get to read about Summer story. I was always curious about Summer because we got to know her a little throughout the past books. She always wanted to be accept from her father and his family. She seem a little insecure because she never had the approve from her father. But things change when she lives with Summerhill family. Her sister accept her and help her when she need assist with the new man she wants. She unexpectedly meets a new man, who is sexy and sinful. He is the total package for her. We also get to read about Jacqueline's story. She definitely deserves happiness after what she went through her cheater husband. She finally untie with her old lover, but its a bumpy road for them to be together. Another great book!


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