Blog Tour: Mai Tai'd Up by Alice Clayton

Looking for the perfect mix of smart, sexy, and sassy? Mai Tai’d Up continues USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, which began with Wallbanger and continued with Rusty Nailed and Screwdrivered.

Eligible bachelor Lucas Campbell is very available, but verypicky. A veterinarian in Monterey, California, his life is perfect: he works, he sails, he loves the ocean and the mountains—so why rock the boat? Then Miss Chloe Patterson comes along.

Chloe has the body of a supermodel, the mouth of a sailor, and the fashion sense of teenage guy in 1990s Seattle. A former Miss California, she walked away from a cushy life, bought an old ranch outside Monterey, and turned it into Our Gang, a sanctuary for rescued and abandoned pit bulls. A woman who’s clearly not afraid of dog poop, she enjoys rehabilitating her “warrior angels.”

Local gossip reports that she ditched her fiancé the night before their wedding (true), and that she moved up north to start a new life (also true). She didn’t want to be tied down (true), but she wouldn’t mind being tied up—especially by that hot vet she’s seen around town a few times (true, true, and have-you-seen-his-butt?-true).

But is Chloe ready to date again? And is Lucas ready to take on not only Chloe, but forty pit bulls? One moonlit sail, two bottles of wine, and a few sailor knots might just do the trick.

I just love reading Alice Clayton novels so much. She just know how to write funny yet sexy romance stories. We get to continue the saga with Clark cousin, Chloe.
I have to admit that I just wanted to snatch Chloe up and become her best friend. She is so likable that everyone will fall in love with her. Chloe is definitely confuse in the beginning of the book that she finally realize that she does not want to get marry at all. She drop everything and decide to go back to the country to be her self.
It does take a lot of encourage to realize when you want to take in control of your life. She finally decide to take her passion in rescue pit bulls into a real career. She has a strong passion in rescue pit bulls that no one should mess with her. 
I find it to be cute when Chloe run into Lucas since you can tell that they have strong attraction between them. Lucas is definitely a hot especially he is vet. He does have feeling for her but he does hesitated since he has baggage in the love department. 
Their love journey will be a bumpy road but it is definitely worth it for them. 


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