Review: How Sweet It Is by Kate Perry

How Sweet It Is (Summerhill, #6)
Over 3.5 million readers have fallen for Kate Perry's novels. Get into her new Summerhill series…

Viola Summerhill needs sex.

Her sisters say a rebound fling is just the thing to wash away the bad taste left from her recently crumbled marriage. But Viola knows she needs more than that. She has to reinvent herself, to regain the identity she lost being a wife and a mother. And she's going to do it as an art gallery owner.

Stocking her new gallery with work worthy of the grand opening she desires isn't easy, though. She needs a smashing piece--something that'll steal everyone's breath. And she finds the most amazing work she's ever seen where she least expects it: in the home of what was supposed to be a one night stand.

Oh, Kate Perry definitely know how to write such amazing romance novels. How Sweet It Is definitely does not disappoint in the Summerhill series. We finally get to read about Viola romance story. I definitely enjoy Viola character very much because she is determine to find herself no matter what. Viola has ditched her loser husband when she discovered that he was cheating on her. Viola does not know what to do in her life that she begin to wonder what best fit her personality as a career. And she discover she has a creative eye in the art work galley. She begin a wonderful journey in stocking her new galley that she come across a gorgeous yet stubborn men who has a incredible skill  in creating wonderful paint work. Their love journey is a cute yet passionate because they fuel in each other fire. I am so happy for Viola because  she finally found herself and a new hot men! A great book in the Summerhill series. It will not disappoint no one. Five Stars!
P.S. Readers will also get to read about Viola daughter who would find herself a wonderful and amazing guy!


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