Review: Jax by Jennifer Foor

Jax (The Mitchell/Healy Family #5)
Jax Mitchell isn’t the only one with his handsome face, though he wishes that were different. Everything’s changed in a short amount of time, after his twin brother came between him and his girlfriend, Reese.

With the hurt still lingering in every direction he turns, Jax picks up and moves to Kentucky to work on his uncle’s cattle ranch. It isn’t long until he meets someone that not only helps him get over Reese, but also encourages him to forgive his brother.

Can the twins make amends or has the damage that’s been done too much to forget?

Jennifer Foor has created another hit in the Mitchell/Healy series. I can definitely understand Jax when he felt betrayal from his twin brother, Jake. Jax needs time from the betrayal and a women that will heal him. He meets a gorgeous yet intelligent women, Amber. Amber has been through a lot of things in her life that it will take a lot of time for Jax to get into her heart. Jax has never face a challenge that Amber is perfect for him since she makes him work for it. Their romantic journey will be a challenge but it is definitely worth it at the end. We also get to read about previous family member but I really did not like Reese attribute in this book. She really needs to stop being selfish. 
*Four Star* 


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