Review: Give A Little by Kate Perry

Beatrice Summerhill has a plan--world domination--and she refuses to let anyone get in her way. Especially a certain arrogant, bone-melting Italian race car driver...

I totally love Kate Perry novels so much. She knows how to create such addicting series that no one reader can stop reading the series. Kate Perry has finally wrote about Beatrice and Luca love story. All reader have been waiting for Beatrice and Luca story that it did not disappoint at all. All reader will love how hot Beatrice and Luca chemistry are because they will burn the pages as you read through their story. Beatrice is the oldest sibling in Summerhill that she had big responsibility in her family. She has always been known to take care of her family. She never depend on anymore because she never wanted to disappoint her father. I definitely love when I get to see the valuable side of Beatrice that I finally get to know more about her. She fears of losing her independence if she depends on someone. However, there is one man who will totally move heaven and earth for Beatrice, which is the sexy and sinful Italian Luca. Luca has always known his feeling for Beatrice but it is a hard struggle to convince Beatrice about his strong love for her. However, I definitely know that Luca is a determined men that he is the one for Beatrice. Kate Perry has created another bestseller! *Five Star*


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