Review: Their Virgin Mistress by Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Their Virgin Mistress (Masters of Ménage, #7)
One wild night leads to heartache…

Tori Glen loves her new job as an image consultant for Thurston-Hughes Inc. The trouble is, she’s also in love with the three brothers who own it, Oliver, Rory, and Callum. They’re handsome, successful, aristocratic, and way out of this small-town Texas girl’s league. So she remains a loyal professional—until the night she finds a heartbroken Oliver desperate for someone to love. Tori knows she should resist…but it’s so tempting to give in.

And a desperate plan…

Callum and Rory have denied their desire for Tori, hoping she’ll heal their older brother, who was so brutalized by his late wife’s betrayal. But when Oliver cruelly turns Tori away in the harsh light of day, she tenders her resignation. Rory and Callum realize that to save their brother, they must embrace the unconventional sort of family they’ve always wanted—with Tori at its center. And it all starts with seducing her…

That could lead to happily ever after—or murder.

Isolated with the brothers at an elegant English country manor, they begin awakening Tori to the most sensual of pleasure. But consumed with regret, Oliver won’t be denied the chance to embrace the only woman worth the risk of loving again. What begins as a rivalry veers toward the future they’ve only dared to dream of. But a stranger is watching and waiting for a chance at revenge. Can the brothers come together to embrace the woman they love and defeat a killer?

Shayla Black and Lexi Blake are the queens in writing hot and sexy romance menage stories. Masters of Menage series has always been a best-seller that it will not surprise anyone that Their Virgin Mistress will too. We get to finally to read about Oliver and his brothers love story.  We have read about Oliver and his brothers before they were mention in previous books. Oliver is in a bad shape from recovering his tragedy marriage and injury that he is a lot darker than he is used to be. However, his brother, Callum and Rory are determined to get Oliver by being romantically involve with Tori. These are ridiculously gorgeous and Alpha men that it will not take Tori that long to fall for them. But Tori is very self-conscious about falling in love that it will takes some time for her to figure out. They will have a long journey together because there are communication problems between them. But they will pull together to know what they want with Tori.  A great story plot in the Their Virgin Mistress that everyone need to read it! Plus, there are so many good and juicy romance scenes between Tori and the brothers. *Five Star*


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