Review(Interview): Follow Me Back by A. Meredith Walters

Follow Me Back (Twisted Love, #2)
The sequel to Lead Me Not, this dangerously sexy second installment in the Twisted Love series continues Aubrey and Maxx’s love story, from New York Times bestselling author A. Meredith Walters—who “writes the most beautifully flawed characters that still have you swooning” (Sawyer Bennett, USA Today bestselling author of the Off series).

Aubrey Duncan has loved…and lost. Should she follow a heart that’s betrayed her or a head that tells her to let go?

Maxx Demelo’s addiction almost destroyed him. It ruined his life and, most importantly, his relationship with the only girl he ever loved.

He has vowed to become the man Aubrey Duncan deserves. Even if he has to tear himself apart to do it. So he enters rehab, trying to fix the parts of him that are shattered as he longs to be healthy and whole.

Aubrey lost everything because she chose to listen to her heart. Now she has sworn to put herself first, to heal in the only way that she can…far away from Maxx and his demons.

But just as Aubrey is starting over, Maxx is released from rehab and thrust back into her world, determined to prove how much they still need each other. And the chaos that had defined them threatens to unleash once again…

But a heart, no matter how broken, is impossible to ignore.

Just wow! A. Meredith Walters definitely knows how to write raw emotional love story that it will capture the reader attention and heart of Maxx and Aubrey love journey. A. Meredith Walters had wrote in a flawless yet emotional writing style that the reader will fully understand the flaw emotions going on through the character. There is a great build up in the story that it will make the reader want to read more and more until they know the true destination of Maxx and Aubrey relationship. 
Aubrey is still a beautiful women but she has a hard time with her break-up with Maxx. She will have a hard time because she was truly in love with Maxx that it will takes some time to find her self. Of course, it will be challenging and complicating because she will face some conquences when her peers discover her relationship with her patient. However, Aubrey is a strong women that she is determined to get her career back on track. But things are never that simples when Maxx comes back into her life again.
Maxx is still a sexy men with a flaw personality. He is talented artist but have a horrible drug problem. But he had the strength to into rehab in order to rebuild his self. It will be the greatest challenge with him but it is worth it since he is determined to have his selve back and Aubrey. But boy, does he have a challenge. Aubrey is going to make him work for it since it was heartbreaking when he fall back into drug so he definitely need to prove his self.
Follow Me Back is an addicting read that the reader will fall in love with the flaw characters. It is true emotional rollcoaster romance! 
*Five Star*

1.     When did you know you wanted to write about emotional romance stories? I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember and I always tended to gravitate towards these emotionally charged, romantic stories.

2.     What is your muse when you begin to write a romance stories? I get my ideas from all sorts of things. It could be a television show, a conversation with my husband, a documentary. Ideas tend to come to me at random times.

3.     Do you have an ideal celebrity when you create your amazing yet flaw characters? I honestly don’t put a specific face or person to my characters. Sometimes, after the fact, I will find a celebrity that physically embodies the character. But if I have an actual person in mind when I write a story, than it tends to taint the character.

4.     What was your greatest inspiration when you wrote Lead Me Not? The idea came from a conversation with my husband. We were talking about the underground club scene (of which we both had experience with) and the crazy stories we had. Maxx and his persona X came out of that.

5.     What are your future plans for the characters in Lead Me Not? I plan to write Aubrey’s roommate’s story at some point. Renee has her own tragic journey that needs to be told.


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