Review: From Scratch by Rachel Goodman

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A down-home, feel-good debut Southern romance, From Scratch explores one woman’s journey back home to Dallas, Texas, where her family is cooking up a plan that doesn’t quite suit her tastes…

Thirty-year-old Lillie Turner grew up with maple syrup stuck to her skin and bacon grease splattered on her clothes, courtesy of working in the family diner. Thank goodness she escaped all that when she moved to Chicago five years ago. Now a successful strategy consultant and newly engaged to a man who complements her like biscuits and gravy, she has everything she wants.

When an urgent phone call about her father’s health pulls Lillie back to Dallas, she soon learns it was a ruse to bring her home so she can run the diner she’d rather avoid and compete in the Upper Crust, an annual baking competition, with no option to withdraw. Lillie is furious and ready to run back to Chicago, but her father’s haggard appearance makes her wonder if he’s hiding something. Things go from bad to worse when Nick, her handsome ex and the only man she ever truly loved, reappears, looking as scrumptious as ever.

Lillie’s trip home forces her to question the path she’s chosen, find her place in the family she abandoned, and wonder if the life she left behind is what she really wants after all.

Rachel Goodman has created an addicting sweet romance book! She has created wonderful yet flaw characters in From Scratch that the reader will become attached to these characters. She has created a wonderful sweet romance that it will bring tears to the readers from the two character rebuilding their relationship. Lillie has drop everything in her life to help her father when he calls unexpected from the hospital, however, it was a trap for her to come back home to remain in her father business. Lillie has no business in her father restaurant since it has left her bad memory but I truly felt that it was time for Lillie to face the past in order to move on. It may be tough for her to face her past since it took a lot to move away but she will find closure that she needs especially from her hot sexy ex, Nick. Nick is totally hot that he still has the hots for her but he is little bitter about their breakup. However, they both took part in their breakup that it will take some time for them to be together since they need to let go of the past and move on. It will be a challenge for them but it will prove if they are truly meant for each other. Beside Lillie romance trouble, she will also face some challenges about her father health that makes her realize what she needs in her life. Reader will enjoy every page of From Scratch since it has hot romance, family trouble and delicious food recipes! Four Stars!


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