Review: Manwhore+1 by Katy Evans

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Billionaire playboy? Check. 
Ruthless businessman? Check. 
Absolutely sinful? Check.

Malcolm Saint was an assignment. A story. A beautiful, difficult man I was supposed to uncover for a racy exposé.

I intended to reveal him, his secrets, his lifestyle—not let him reveal me. But my head was overtaken by my heart and suddenly nothing could stop me from falling. I fell for him, and I fell hard. 

Malcolm Saint is absolute Sin, and I've become a hopeless Sinner.

Now that the assignment is over, Saint wants something from me--something unexpected--and I want this wicked playboy's heart. But how can I prove to the man who trusts no one that I’m worthy of becoming his plus one?

Katy Evans has outdone herself yet again with creating addicting and sexy men characters! Reader will become obsessed with Malcolm Saint that they will love every page of Manwhore+1! Reader will continue reading Rachel and Malcolm romance journey in Manwhore+1. It was a big open ender in Manwhore that every reader is desperately waiting to see if Malcolm forgive Rachel or not. It will be a little bit of a challenge for Rachel and Malcolm for them to continue their romance since there was dishonesty and betrayal. Reader should expected how Malcolm felt about Rachel dishonesty and betrayal since its really broke him but it takes some time and trust to rebuild their honesty between them. Katy Evans has the gift in creating powerful love between couples that it will always take some time to rebuild their love again from dishonesty or betrayal. Rachel truly love Malcolm that she is willing to build their trust again by being totally honesty just as Malcolm as before. It may take time but when they are fully back for each other, their love is totally explosive! Their love scenes are so hot and intense that it will make yourself hot and heavy. They both have hot and sexy chemistry between them that they make hot love! Reader will expected great love scenes between Rachel and Malcolm but there will be totally shocker in the middle that the reader will root for them to get under it! The big shocker is totally expected but it will surprise the reader. Reader will devoted every page of Manwhore+1 that they will want more when they finish. Five Stars!


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