Review: Some Kind of Wonderful by Sarah Morgan

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Her whole life, Puffin Islander Brittany Forrest has dreamed of adventure. And at the age of eighteen, she thought she'd found it in bad boy Zachary Flynn. But after just ten tempestuous, smoldering days, their whirlwind marriage went up in smoke, and Brittany resolved to put him out of her mind forever.
Zach knows he let Brittany down, but being back on Puffin Island and seeing Brittany again stirs up long-buried emotions. This daredevil pilot has never felt worthy of her, yet he can't stay away—even when he knows the chemistry between them will only complicate his life.

As long, hot summer days on the beach dissolve into sultry, starry nights, Brittany and Zach find that the sparks between them are more powerful than ever. Could it be that the second time around, their dreams of a happy-ever-after will finally come true? 
Oh, I just love reading Sarah Morgan romance books! She can always write heart-warming romance stories that it will melt your romance away. Some Kind of Wonderful is the second book in Puffin Island series.
In Some Kind of Wonderful, Brittany run into her ex again that it start another journey for them. Brittany unexpected get hurt while she was on the job that she needs air support to go back into her home which will be the sexy yet bad boy, Zach. 
It has been some years that Zach and Brittany have seen each other than their disaster wedding. It will bring up some old wounds between them that it will take some time for them to find closure. They have always love each other but they both have too baggage that it takes some year to heal yourself especially Zach case. Zaeh has always been the bad boy in town that every women wants him for their self but he does not want anymore especially Brittany but things change when he see her again that he realize he made a huge mistake on their wedding night that he knows it is going to take some time to heal the old wounds in Brittany case. I definitely understand how Zach felt because he was never sure of his self when he was younger that he strongly felt to run away from Brittany on their wedding day, but as he grew up, he finally realize his worthy to his self that he is determine to get to Brittany again.
Things are not that easy especially old wounds. It does take time to open Brittany again because she is guard with her feelings since she does not want to get hurt again. Reader will definitely understand Brittany in Some Kind of Wonderful because she is showing all of her wounds throughout the book that they can read the hurt Brittany felt when she was badly betrayal.
Some Kind of Wonderful is a fantastic romance read that the reader will love the cute romance with anguish feeling and funny comedy. Five Stars


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