Review: A Better Man by Candis Terry

Meet the Kincade brothers: they’ll do what it takes to protect their legacy—but what happens when love gets in the way?

Hockey star Jordan Kincade wasted no time ditching Sunshine Valley and everyone who mattered for a career in the NHL—a truth Jordan confronts when his parents’ deaths bring him home. Now he’s back to make amends, which begins with keeping his younger sister from flunking out of school. It’s just his luck that the one person who can help is the girl whose heart he broke years ago.

Lucy Diamond has racked up a number of monumental mistakes in her life, the first involving a certain blue-eyed charmer. She has no intention of falling for Jordan Kincade again, but when he shows up asking her to help one of her students, Lucy just can’t say no. Worse, the longer he’s back, the more she sees how much he’s changed. And so when a blistering kiss turns to more, she can’t help but wonder if her heart will be crushed again . . . or if she’ll discover true love with a better man.

Candis Terry has written addicting romance stories which include sexy brothers! A Sunshine creek Vineyard series starts off with A Better Man.
A Better Man starts off with a tragic accident. Jordan comes back home when he receives the news about their parent death. Jordan has not been home a while that he definitely takes notice the changes happening in his family especially his sister. He is determined to be a part of the family that he is making his way into his sister life by helping her in her classes which he will get to meet the sexy school teacher, Lucy. Lucy and Jordan does have some history between them that they will get another chance to reunited.
Lucy is determined to forget Jordan because she cannot fall for his charms again since men has always fail her in the long run. But Jordan is definitely going to prove her wrong because he knows there is something between them that it cannot be wasted. I definitely love how determined Jordan is with Lucy that I want that for myself. 
A Better Man is amazing romance read that you will fall in love with the characters which you will want more of them. Five Stars!  


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