Review: The Bourbon Theif by Tiffany Reisz

Betrayal, revenge and a family scandal that bore a 150-year-old mystery.
When Cooper McQueen wakes up from a night with a beautiful stranger,  it's to discover he's been robbed. The only item stolen- a millon-dollar bottle of bourbon. The thief, a mysterious woman named Paris, claims the bottle is rightfully hers. After all, the label itself says it's property of the Maddox family who owned and operated Red Thread Bourbon distillery since the last days of Civil War, until the company went out of business for reasons no one knows....No one except Paris.
In the small hours of a Louisville morning, Paris unpools the lurid tale of Tamara Maddox, heiress to the distillery that became an empire. Theirs is a legacy of wealth and power, but also of lies, secrets and sins of omission. Why Paris wants the bottle of Red Thread remains a secret until the truth of her identify is at last revealed, and the century-old vengeance Tamara vowed against her family can finallybe completed.

Tiffany Reisz has created another standalone title that will give you so emotions while you read. It definitely will while you read The Bourbon Thief.
The Bourbon Thief has two separate story that connect with each other that you will need to pay attention if you want to catch the twist and turns especially what Tiffany Reisz gives. 
The first story starts off in the present time where a very expensive bourbon goes missing that set a lot of alerts. It is very important to find the bourbon but the reasons behind it which introduce the second story that goes back in the past. The present and the past will intertwined with each other.
The Bourbon Thief is a perfect Tiffany Reisz title that I could not start reading from the start. Reader will enjoy the characters in The Bourbon Thief because there is so different personality that it makes the read so much more. 
Definitely pick it up because it will keep you captivated from the start. Four Stars!


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