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All my life, I’ve only wanted one thing: someone to love me and someone who will let me love them in return. This seems like a simple request, but I was born to parents who wished I had died of childhood leukemia, instead of my younger sister, and who have ignored me no matter how much I’ve tried to please them. I’m starved for affection, addicted to the feeling when someone cares about me, which has led to a love life filled with either boys I’ve scared off, or men all too eager to take advantage of me. I thought I would never find a man who could feed my craving for constant attention—and then I met Leo. He fills the void inside of me, haunts my dreams, and does things to me in bed that are so good, they’re probably illegal. I can only pray I don’t scare him off once he figures out just how needy I really am.


There are very few people in this world I’ve ever been able to form an emotional attachment to, but the moment I saw Hannah, I knew she was mine. We were bound together by fate, our paths crossing first as children, then as adults, each time marking me. She doesn’t know it but I’ve been watching her for a year now, studying her, stacking the deck so when I do make my move, there’s no way she’ll ever escape me. But my world is a harsh, cruel place, and the cartel I work for demands absolute loyalty and trust…a loyalty Hannah has yet to earn in the dangerous eyes of my employers. There is only one way to ensure Hannah’s absolute devotion, and I hope that she doesn’t hate me forever when she finds out that not only have I brainwashed her into loving me, but that I don’t feel an ounce of guilt about doing it. She’s mine, only mine, and I’m keeping her forever.

Warning: This story features a rough and demanding Dom who’s completely devoted to bringing his baby girl pleasure through such unconventional means as spanking, mild BDSM, D/S, roleplaying, and various other forms of wicked kinkery.

OMG, I am just loving Ann Mayburn titles so much! She has so much talent in creating addicting erotic romance books. She has always know how to write such fierce romance with hot kinky erotic scenes. And she has done it again with a new series and book, Obsession. Obsession is the first book in Ann Mayburn new series but it can be read by itself without any order.
Obsession is a sexy romance yet intense erotic read with two unique character that are meant for each other. Hannah is a sweet yet naive woman. She has a sweet personality but she had a rough childhood that people often take advantage. But things start changing when she meets Leo. Leo brings the better side for Hannah. He will give her a backbone when she needs it especially telling her bitchy roommate off. 
Leo is sexy man that any women wants him. But he has cool personality that he does not get attached to anyone. But everything change when he meets Hannah. Hannah brings out Leo sweet yet protective side that he definitely fall in love with her. Hannah love for Leo makes him softer in his life.
They are both match for each other since they both strive for attention and affection that they both give each other. Also, they have some hot and intense kinky scenes that it will burn the pages! And make you hot and bother too! 
Obsession is a fantastic erotic romance read that you will love the hot romance with the passionate kinky scenes. Five Stars.
P.S. Ann Mayburn needs to write more stories of the character in Obsession because I need to know asap about their happy ending!


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