Top Series To Catch Up On, Part 1

Hello Everyone,

It is a definitely new year which means that they will be new books releasing soon enough. It is definitely the time to catch up with series before the new book release. Here is my top five series to catch up with would be:

1. Fatal series by Marie Force

I ultimate love reading Fatal series so much because it has so much suspense yet it has romance too that it heigthen the story more. Sam and Nick are my most favorite couple in the series that I always can't wait to read the next book to know what they are up too. It is always something different each time.


2. Wind Dragons MC series by Chantal Fernando

Who doesn't love reading bad boys falling in love? 'Cause they always fall the hardest. And these Wind Dragons biker definitely do! They are so sexy but their women are also bad ass too that you will end up loving them too. 


3. Lords of the Underworlds series by Gena Showalter

I am usually not the type to like paranormal romance. But I could not stay away from the Lords of the Underworld series since it is fantastic to read cause it has it all. You will love the adventures that the Lords of the Underworld gets into. 


4. Hudson Valley series by Alice Clayton

I just love reading Alice Clayton titles. 'Cause she always write funny romance stories that I can spend all day reading it. It is nothing more thrilling to read than a comedy romance. It makes the read light-heart yet romantic too. 


5. The Perfect Play series by Sara Rider

I definitely digging into Sara Rider titles! I just love those sassy soccer players because they just have it and it is fun to watch the man fall all over it. 


6. The Field Party series by Abbi Glines

Teen romances are a hit or miss but Abbi Glines excellent in it especially the Field Party series. Your going to love the drama and heart ache when it comes to the Field Party characters. 



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