Top Series To Catch Up, Part 2

Hello Everyone Again,

It is a definitely the beginning of the year which means that they will be new books releasing soon enough. It is the time to catch up with series before the new book releases. Here is my next top five series to catch up with would be:

6. From Manhattan With Love series by Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan knows how to write heartwarming romance stories ever. 'Cause it will make you swoon from the start. From Manhattan With Love series will follow series of friends that will love for their true love while they build their career.


7. Scarred Souls series by Tillie Cole

Tillie Cole has the most touch in writing the dark romances ever but you cannot stop reading it since you want more and more. Scarred Souls series is a dark romance series that all of reader will like it. But it has so much interests and suspense that you will want to read it no matter what.


8. Sullivans Crossing series by Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr just knows how to write emotional yet powerful romance read. She will give the character raw emotions and you will get to see how the character raise from it and fall in love with their love. And it happens in Sullivans Crossing!


9. Rules for Reckless series by Meredith Duran 

Who doesn't love historical romance stories? 'Cause I do especially Meredith Duran. Meredith Duran write incredible historical romance that has fierce woman that does not let the times put them down no matter what.

10. Heartbreaker Bay series by Jill Shalvis

I just love reading any of Jill Shalvis titles. She will always write the most amazing funny romance stories ever! I will laugh my butt off while getting swoon with the sweet heartwarming romance. And Heartbreaker Bay series is it!. 



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