Review: The Game Changer by Scott Hildreth

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About: Terra

I'm going to marry this man, and nothing will stop me.
I didn't expect it to be Michael Tripp who left when we made our announcement. He knows this life, he knows what it means to be a part of mia familia.
He didn't know he was marrying the boss's daughter.
I kept it from him—I lied to him.
He came back, thank God. My love forgave me and the wedding is on.
I'll die before I allow any more secrets to come between us.

I'm a man of my word. I love hard and tell it like it is. But the Mafia has me in their crosshairs and I'm in deep. Partnering with a crime boss is one thing. Working for a crime boss who is also your father-in-law…that's just f***ed.
I stepped up to the challenge. Shaking things up and making changes that needed to happen to secure our power. And the profits speak for themselves.
No one could have seen the end coming. No one could have stopped it, not even me.
The playing field has changed. And nothing will ever be the same.

Guess what? The Game Changer is out! And it is better than never. Scott Hildreth has released the continuation of Terra and Tripp story in The Game Changer.
The Game Changer starts off where the first book ended. Terra and Tripp are newly engaged but they are going to face some problems since Terra has not told Tripp about her family which will cause some stir throughout the book. You will definitely see some drama going on with them since they are facing some serious issues but they are determined to make it through. 
Terra is definitely in big trouble because she has not told Tripp about her last name. She definitely will help to tell him since they are about to get marry. It may cause some problems between them but I just know that they are meant to be that they will work through it.
While Terra face her issues, Tripp will also face some challenges when he gets closer to the family. There are some big concerns problems which I won't spoiler but it will keep you interest until the end.
The Game Changer is the perfect suspense book that will change everything for Terra and Tripp lives. And we will get to see them again in the next book which I am delighted to read. So I will definitely start the countdown soon. Four Stars!


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