Review: Fighting Attraction by Sarah Castille

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My sweet, sexy Penny has a dark side. Just like me.
I will have her. And then I will lose her, and suffer a lifetime of regret.

Rampage. Everyone loves him. He is Redemption's top heavyweight fighter and the biggest gossip in the gym. But he isn't the teddy bear everyone thinks he is. He's hiding a dark secret-and he hates himself for it.

Twice a week, Rampage transforms into Master Jack, a notorious dom only the most hard-core submissives will play with. How can he-a Southern gentleman, bred to respect and protect women-want to dominate them?

But Penny Worthington wants him. Beneath her pearls, kitten heels, and prim British exterior beats a tortured heart...Master Jack is the only one who can set her free.

I am super excited that Sarah Castille releases another book in the Redemption series. She can definitely bring her A-game in writing top Alpha man in MMA but also have the top Alpha man fall in love hard. And she did it again in Fighting Attraction.
Fighting Attraction will bring Jack and Penny together. The reader has met them before in previous books that it is no surprise that there is attraction between them. Penny is a very hardworking secretary that she is always on point. But there are more layers to Penny than anyone knows. She has a dark childhood that she keeps it hidden from everyone especially her closest friend. But Jack definitely takes notices. Jack works so hard in his career that it becomes no surprise that he goes pro. While he works very hard, he has a hard time in finding pleasure until he discovers Penny secrets. 
Both of them have difficult past that they share a bond together. Each of them will face them in time but they share something truly special between them that their relationship blooms over time. It may be slow in the beginning but it definitely picks up. And you will not be disappointed at all. They have a hot and intense attraction that you will definitely feel the heat between them. Trust me, you are definitely going to enjoy the sexy scenes between Jack and Penny.
Fighting Attraction is a perfect title for Jack and Penny because they are fighting what they both want but toward the end, they will end up what they always wanted. Five Stars!


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