Review: A Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase

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The stars are about to align in the newest Shaughnessy brothers romance!

Brilliant astrophysicist Dr. Owen Shaughnessy feels more connected to the cosmos than to people. He's great with calculations, but when he leads a team of scientists to study a famous meteor shower, he doesn't factor in his free-spirited artist assistant Brooke Matthews.

Polar opposites in personality, the friction between them threatens to derail the project. But the beauty and mystery of the night sky draw Owen and Brooke together―and she's going to surprise him in ways the stars never could.

Guess who release another fantastic romance book? That is right, Samantha Chase did. She always knows how to write addicting romance series that pulls you in and fall in love with the story. A Sky Full of Stars will pull in because Owen Shaughnessy definitely knows how to make women fall for him even if he does not do it on purpose, and trust me, he is very cute in every way.
A Sky Full of Stars introduces Dr. Owen Shaughnessy, the shy yet intelligent Shaughnessy sibling. In his family, he is very known to be the quiet yet clever brother but he does have social problems that it will create issues in his workplace. Owen is very brilliant in his work that his co-worker should understand that everyone is social. He is his own person and there is nothing wrong with it. And Brooke Matthews definitely agree with this statement.
Brooke Matthews is definitely a beautiful woman that have hidden talents. She is definitely re-discovering herself again that she turns her passion into her career which would be a talented artist in painting astro field. She definitely needs help in capturing images which she asks, Dr. Owen. She definitely attracts to him because he sees beyond her looks. He sees the true her which scare her but also excite her too.
They both have some personal challenges in their life but they are definitely strong in overcoming them. It definitely provides insightful information about each of them but it will boost their relationship. A relationship takes time and work because there are different challenges or issue that couple face which Owen and Brooke will face but they can overcome it.
A Sky Full of Stars will bring light yet intense romance between Owen and Brooke that reader will love their story so much. Five Stars.


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