Review: Edge of Truth by Brynn Kelly

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Tensions sizzle in this electrifying novel guaranteed to capture your heart and take your breath away. Fans of Julie Garwood, Suzanne Brockmann and Jayne Ann Krentz will devour this action-packed, emotionally stunning tour de force, where every page reveals another damning secret and daring gamble. 

Rotting in an African dungeon is the last place journalist Tess Newell expected to find herself. As she's held hostage by the terrorist group she's investigating, Tess's salvation--and temptation--arrives in the form of another prisoner. A French Foreign Legionnaire with a sinful smile and too many secrets to be anything but dangerous. Yet she knows he's her only hope of surviving.

The Legion is the only family Flynn has. His sanctuary and his purgatory, after years spent in hell. When a mission goes south and Flynn is captured, it's not the enemy that worries him, but the brazen, alluring reporter whose prying questions threaten to bring down his world--and the walls he's built around his heart.

Yet after a daring escape, Flynn must risk it all and go on the run with Tess to retrieve the evidence she needs. The chemistry between them threatens to detonate but, with the enemy fast closing in, time is running out to unravel the truth from the lies in this deadly conspiracy.

It is definitely interesting to read a title from Brynn Kelly. She knows how to keep reader attention from the beginning. She brings suspense plotline that it keeps the reader on their toes. 
Edge of Truth will bring the reader on their toes with the suspense actions but it has some romance between the two characters. Tess Newell is in a prison that her only salvation would be the other prisoner, Flynn. Tess is well known for reporting different news that it comes to no surprise that she is rotting in prison and still keep looking for the truth. But the truth comes very dangerous that she would need some help, especially from Flynn.
Flynn always knows how to escape a situation in any way but he gets trapped by helping another person, Tess. Tess is determined to find her evidence in any way that he helps her find it but he is also finding himself falling in love too. He built a wall around himself but Tess is able to be inside of it that he rethink his whole self. 
The romance may be surprised between them but it is totally worth it. They have true shot at romance that they will need to jump for it.
Edge of Truth will keep you captivated from the beginning that you won't stop until you are at the end. Four Stars. 


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